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Aknearpiaan hävennyt Instagram-malli julkaisi ennen ja jälkeen -kuvat käytyään kivuliaassa kasvohoidossa

Irlantilainen Instagram-malli Maeve Madden, 29, paljasti ennen ja jälkeen -kuvat kasvoistaan kokeiltuaan yli 300 euron arvoista kasvohoitoa aknearpiinsa. Nainen kertoi kokeilleensa laserhoitoa, sillä hänen ihonsa huono kunto vaikutti hänen itsetuntoonsa.

Maddenin mukaan hänen ihonsa muuttui kirkkaanpunaiseksi hoidon jälkeen. Viikko myöhemmin hänen kasvonsa kuitenkin alkoivat parantua ja suurin osa aknearvista oli poissa.

Madden paljasti, että hoito oli kivulias, ja että sen aikana hän saattoi haistaa palavan ihonsa. Kipu yltyi hoidon jälkeen:

– Noin viisitoista minuuttia hoidon jälkeen ajoin kotiin ja kasvojani alkoi poltella ja ne muuttuivat syvän punaisiksi. Se oli kovinta kipua, jota olen koskaan kokenut.

Tulokset olivat silti ilmeisesti kivun arvoiset, sillä nainen aikoo mennä myöhemmin toiseen laserhoitoon päästäkseen eroon lopuistakin arvistaan.

Ennen ja jälkeen -kuvista voi huomata uskomattoman eron Maddenin ihossa. Alla on kuva myös naisen ihosta heti hoidon jälkeen sekä hoidon aikana käytettävästä kasvonaamiosta.

Skin Update 👑 SPOT THE DIFFERENCE 🤗💕.. My skin story has been emotional, They have been, they conquered, they knocked me down, but I kept on smiling, and now they are gone, hopefully for a while. Who doesn’t get spots, probably the only person who can actually use #blessed and not be basic.. We all get them and for different reasons, mine is hormonal due to having PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome) unfortunately one of the more common side effects is hormonal acne and for me it comes and goes. My skin can be clear for months and then completely soul destroying other months, oh a and i keep forgetting to mention the facial hair, anyone else get that??? i feel like cousin it from the adams family half the time, luckily my hair is blonde but a lot of you have been asking and I actually quite like threading it. Of course we all have our own battles, even the littlest thing wrong can make us feel insecure and knock our confidence, but no one is alone. No matter how much I promote the awareness of acne, pcos or ibs I can still suffer with bad days, but I will keep listening to my own advice and share it with you, You are enough, You are flawsome, and You just need to be the best version of you. THANK YOU EVERYONE 💕 for all your love, support and for sharing your stories on my page .. Each comment has helped so many others and I really appreciate it .. lots of love 💋💋. #maevemadden #realtalk #acne #pcos #pcosawareness #realshit #loveyourself #iamenough #realtorlife #confidence

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Skin Update : I’m officially a 🍓.. So I have been a little MIA on socials with Fitness Tips as I have had a Pixel Facial to help remove acne scaring .. I can’t workout atm until it has healed, not that I’m complaining 😝. After a few months of trying to get rid of my hormonal acne break out I finally had a few weeks where the acne wasn’t active and so I have started a procedure to [email protected] all those dead spots and dull marks on the skin.. 💕You know when your spot is dead but it still leaves a mark, so frustrating, it’s like even though the acne is dead it leaves it’s past behind on your face .. I was advised to have a Pixel facial and if you follow snapchat – Maeve_Madden you will have seen how much agony I was in.. Pixel is a skin resurfacing treatment, that can improve skin texture and acne scarring .. I read online it says there isn’t significant down time or discomfort, I can tell you it is agony, if felt as though my face has been completely burnt and this picture is day 3 still super red, Swollen and sore .. I expect my skin to peel off, I’m sure it will be a week before it looks any better.. If anyone else has had this treatment or similar to remove acne scarring let us know and leave a comment .. Still Smiling though, trying to be positive, smiles are contagious and if you force yourself to smile your brain automatically sends happy endorphins throughout your body… Try it … Smilings my favourite “Elf omg ‘‘tis the Season 💫💫💫💫 #maevemadden #acne #acnescars #pcos #pcosawareness #pcostribe #loveyourself #selflove #skincare #pixel

A post shared by Maeve Madden (@maeve_madden) on

Lähde: DailyMail

Kuvat: Instagram / Maeve Madden



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