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Tältä näyttää maailmanluokan bikinifitness-peppu – katso Savanna Rehmin upeat belfiet

Maailmalla suosittu fitnesstähti ja WBFF-liiton bikini pro -kortin omistava Savanna Rehm on huikeassa kunnossa.

Treenattu kaunotar työskentelee personal trainerina ja fitnessmallina, mutta kilpailee myös bikinifitness-kilpailuissa. Savanna Rehmin Instagram-sivu on täynnä belfieitä, joista näkee, että nainen ei turhaan ole pro-korttiaan ansainnut – jäätävässä kunnossa oleva Rehm omistaa sellaisen pepun, että oksat pois!

Yhdysvalloissa asuva malli on kerännyt paljastavilla kuvillaan melkein miljoona seuraajaa Instagramissa ja kasvua on varmasti tulossa lisää – sen verran kuumia kuvat ovat.

Katso Savanna Rehmin belfiet alta!

Brick House! Who else loves strong legs on a girl? Swimsuit – @riotswim

A post shared by Savanna Rehm (@queen_rehm) on

WORKOUT WEDNESDAY: Today I wanted to talk to you guys about diet and in particular carbohydrates and the glycemic index. The glycemic index is a way to delineate foods by how quickly they are broken down and converted into energy by the body. High glycemic carbohydrates are broken down much faster. This category includes substances like sugars and refined white flours. Because of the speed with which these types of carbs are broken down, they cause insulin to spike and have quick changes on blood sugar levels. Low glycemic foods, by comparison, take longer to be processed by the body. This means they help to regulate insulin and blood sugar levels. Low glycemic carbs include whole grains. Why this is important: most of the day my carbohydrate intake consists of slower digesting carbohydrates such as brown rice and Ezekiel bread (a bread made from sprouted grains and seeds instead of refined flour). This helps to keep blood sugar levels pretty stable and can help reduce cravings and energy crashes. The exception, however, is post workout. This is the time when you most want carbs which are broken down quickly so they can immediately go to muscle repair. It is also an instance in which spiking insulin is a good thing, because that insulin will help maximize muscle building effect. This is why I use a high glycemic carb powder like @blackstonelabs_official Formula 19 post workout, mixed in with my protein shake, after all my lower body workouts. Photo: @justinpricephoto

A post shared by Savanna Rehm (@queen_rehm) on

WORKOUT WEDNESDAY: You can actually see every single exercise I did for my Push Leg Day yesterday on my story (it should be there for another 5 hours or so). Today, however, I wanted to focus on one superset I did yesterday: I paired reverse hack squat machine with a barbell squat with a static pause. The reason I picked this particular combo is, because I feel like in the videos you can really see me squeezing and contracting the glutes. The best exercises for growing the glutes/booty are compound movements such as squats and deadlifts. That being said, if you allow the quads or hamstrings to take over the movement too much, you'll lose some of the effect for your glutes. In both exercises you can see me squeeze my butt together as I push up through my heels. This isn't to draw attention to my butt, it actually serves an important purpose. Muscles work when they are contracted or shortened, so if I properly squeeze my glutes together and consciously engage them, the muscle building effect for them is drastically increased. And guys, even if you're not too worried about your glutes, you can still apply the same techniques. Take your arms, for example. You can get a much better effect for the biceps and triceps if you squeeze these muscles in your curls or push downs. Lighter weight, with a bigger squeeze (muscle contraction), usually gets people the best results. 💪🏻 For a preworkout I used @blackstonelabs_offical "Dust" and post workout I used a scoop of their "Isolation" protein with their "Formula 19" carbohydrate powder which is PERFECT post workout for building muscle.

A post shared by Savanna Rehm (@queen_rehm) on

Kuvat: Instagram / Savanna Rehm



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