Joskus kiloja tulee, joskus niitä menee – jopa supertähdillä. Tässä Top 20 lista maailmantähdistä, jotka ovat keränneet yhden jos toisenkin kilon vyötärölleen ja vähän muuallekin tähteytensä aikana.
Jos siis murehdit parista lisäkilosta, ei hätää – sattuu sitä ”paremmissakin” piireissä!

1. Mariah Carey ennen…

She started out as the sexy Mariah Carey.
…ja jälkeen
But with time it was quite obvious that Mariah was over doing the curry!

2. Russell Crowe ennen…

This size was a real suit for Russell Crowe.
 … ja jälkeen
But he can't seem to find a suit for this size of Russell Crowe.

3. Vince Vaughn ennen…

Vince Vaughn had his jaw clenched and his eyes set on the future.
 …ja jälkeen
Today Vince Vaughn has a whole lot behind him and the jawline......became a curve!

4. Steven Seagal ennen…

Steven Seagal was a real Hollywood heart throb.

 …ja jälkeen

Now people are constantly asking whether his heart still throbs!

5. Ryan Gosling ennen…

Ryan Gosling was looking for the goose that laid the golden eggs.
…ja jälkeen
When he found it, we suspect that this Gosling guy ate the whole goose.

6. Renee Zellweger ennen…

Renee Zellweger knew that the small things really matter.
…ja jälkeen
In the years that followed, Renee Zellweger's matter was no longer a small thing.

7. Matt Damon ennen…

We all thought that Matt Damon could carry the world on his shoulders.
…ja jälkeen
But that was not to be, Matt choose to carry the world on his waist.

8. Marlon Brando ennen…

Some people accused Marlon Brando of never seeing the big picture.
…ja jälkeen
They should have been with Marlon Brando when he saw this one!

9. Lawrence Fishburn ennen…

Lawrence Fishburn was focused on growth!
…ja jälkeen
Little did we know how personal Mr Fishburn's growth was going to be.

10. Matthew Perry ennen…

Even with his back to the wall, Matthew Perry smiled.
…ja jälkeen
Now he can't smile, there is no wall strong enough to hold Matthew Perry's back.

11. John Travolta ennen…

John Travolta was a really cool dude in a tuxedo suit.
…ja jälkeen
These days you need to cool John Travolta to fit him into a suit!

12. Jon Favreau ennen…

There was a burning fire in the eyes of Jon Favreau.
…ja jälkeen
Jon took that fire and barbecued himself a whale..... or two!

13. Jessica Simpson ennen…

Pundits predicted that Jessica Simpson would eventually blow up into something big.
…ja jälkeen
None of them anticipated how big Jessica would go on to be.

14. Janet Jackson ennen…

Janet Jackson had a grip on everything around her.
…ja jälkeen
As you can see, there is now a lot more to grip around Janet.

15. Gerard Butler ennen…

Gerard Butler went through a lot before things worked out for him.
…ja jälkeen
It seems like things worked out but Mr Butler didn't.

16. Britney Spears ennen…

When she started out, some people thought that Britney Spears had bitten off more than she could chew...
…ja jälkeen
Well, they were completely wrong, Britney chewed, swallowed and ordered a second helping!

17. Christina Aguilera ennen…

Christina Aguilera, young, talented and a go getter.
Christina went on to become a whole lot more than she was in the beginning

18. Val Kilmer ennen…

This is an old Val Kilmer head shot. It had too much body in it.
…ja jälkeen
So Val Kilmer decided to make sure that only his head fit in future head shots.

19. Kirstie Alley ennen…

Kirstie Alley started her career focused solely on acting.
…ja jälkeen
Kirstie Alley later decided to take up a more rounded approach to her professional and personal life.

20. Alec Baldwin ennen…

Alec Baldwin was a cheeky young man.
…ja jälkeen
Today Baldwin is not as young but definitely a lot cheekier!
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