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Minikokoinen malli on vain metrin pituinen ja rikkoo muotimaailman stereotypioita – katso kuvat

Yhdysvaltalaismalli Dru Presta, 21, haluaa muuttaa muotimaailmaa. Lyhytkasvuisella naisella on pituutta vain noin metri, mutta hän on päättänyt seurata unelmaansa mallin urasta.

Prestalla on akondroplasia eli lyhytkasvuisuusoireyhtymä. Nuorena häntä kiusattiin tilansa takia. Hän on perheensä ainoa lyhytkasvuinen, eikä hänellä ollut kotikaupungissaan Renossa kovinkaan monia vertaisiaan.

Myöhemmin Presta muutti Los Angelesiin rikkoakseen muotimaailman rajoja ja inspiroidakseen muita kaltaisiaan seuraamaan unelmiaan.

– Haluan jokaisen olevan hyväksytty muotialalla. Haluan jokaisen voivan kävellä catwalkilla niin kuin muutkin – rullaavat he sitten catwalkilla pyörätuolissaan tai kävelevät kainalosauvojen kanssa, nainen julistaa.

Katso alta Prestan mallikuvia.

Women who make history are the ones unique in their style, and breaker of the rules. 🔑 You know what’s really powerfully sexy? A sense of humor. A taste for adventure. A healthy glow. Hips to grab onto. Openness. Confidence. Humility. Appetite. Intuition….. smart-ass comebacks 👅😏 Presence. A quick wit. Dirty jokes told… 🔻 🔺 AND WOMAN WHO REALIZES HOW BEAUTIFUL AND FIERCE SHE IS. 🔐 PLEASE REMIND YOURSELF THAT YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND EVERYONE HAS A PLACE IN THIS WORLD. 💓 ❗️LET NO ONE TELL YOU OTHERWISE❗️ If you haven’t seen my documentary, clink the in my bio! I️ try and respond back to as many messages as I️ can. KEEP SENDING THEM!!! 🌹💯💸 @hairxdylspear @jennsmoment @angelrod_films @pclind @barcroft_tv #moneymoves #ellendegeneres #mamiboss #killingthegame #bossmama #modeling #fashion #losangeles

A post shared by Dru Presta (@g0lden.bebe) on

Happy birthday Eve to me!! 🌹 2️⃣2️⃣ I don't care, 🤷🏽‍♀️this picture took a year for me to post because of how uncomfortable I felt back then. I knew my body and yes I loved it, but seeing it on camera and what I see in the mirror is completely different. How would they react? Especially a little person doing all this? This photo shoot started it all. 👅 A year before this photo was taken I barely knew the understanding of accepting yourself. I lost a lot of weight compared to then and now. I definitely know and can see a difference. But that's only growing up and going through life's roller coasters. I've lost friends this year, rekindled old ones, and made new ones. Who cares want everyone else wants, it's what YOU WANT. 💛💛💛 The life I wanted has already begun, and it's just beginning. 🔥🔥🌹

A post shared by Dru Presta (@g0lden.bebe) on

Im my own #WCW 👑 I've been reluctant all morning about posting this. I don't want this photo just to be here for "entertainment". I am so incredibly proud of my curves that I had to do an appreciation post for myself. Im not the one to reveal my body on a lot posts. I like to feel empowered and in charge when I take my photos. This was a vulnerability test that I decided to take to be raw with you guys. It took me about 10 years to stop counting calories when I ate, or ate at all. I was a gymnasts so It was a practice to always make sure my muffin top didn't show in my suit. When I moved to Los Angeles I had so much stress and anxiety that it got the best of me and I would get sick every morning and night. I lost a ton of weight and it always fluctuated. I started doing new remedies, herbal care, yoga, hikes, and meditation. No one is perfect, sometimes I have to try a little extra to fit into jeans, sometimes my body doesn't compliment my outfit, but I make it work. I adjust the clothes to me, not adjusting me for the clothes. #beyou #notheretobeaverage #bossbabe #nojudgment #loveyourselffirst #dontalteryourself #disabilityawareness #littlepeopleawareness

A post shared by Dru Presta (@g0lden.bebe) on

Lähde: Bored Panda

Kuvat: Instagram / Dru Presta


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