Näin timmin naisen vartalo muuttui raskauden aikana – ennen ja jälkeen -kuvat!

Australialainen Lauren Simpson on bikinimalli, jolla on useita ykkössijoja bikini- ja bikinifitness-kisoista. Hän on esimerkiksi vuoden 2018 WBFF bikini fitnessin maailmanmestari.

Simpson valmentaa ja auttaa myös muita ihmisiä treenien sekä ruokavalioiden kanssa. Alla on erään hänen asiakkaansa kuvavertailu, jossa näkyy miten naisen vartalo on muuttunut raskauden aikana. Kuvissa nainen nähdään ennen raskautta, 39. raskausviikolla sekä 9 viikkoa synnytyksen jälkeen.

Katso alta kuvavertailu!

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FIT MUMMA 💪🏼😍 Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to be doing special posts celebrating the #LSFmums of my community! You are the real superheroes 💞 – This is my long term client @nina_alpha_fit . She has been doing my challenges since early 2018. Photo 1 pre-pregnancy was December last year my 6 week challenge and the best condition she had gotten her body in (SHREDDED AF!). One month later she fell pregnant. 🤰🏼 – The middle picture was 39 weeks pregnant. Nina was still doing the challenge workouts (modified) a few days before the birth of bub.👼🏼 – The photo on the right is 9 weeks postpartum and results after 4 weeks of my ebook program Power Booty.💪🏼🍑 – I have taken so many mumma’s through my training programs. The focus is very different…it isn’t necessarily about aesthetics, lifting super heavy etc but more about creating a healthy home for your baby and feeling good throughout your pregnancy (and then post pregnancy too!). We are all about creating a healthy & happy environment for all women. – Note to always check with your physician before starting any training / nutrition program. Every girl is completely different on their pregnancy journey and sometimes the program will need to be slightly adapted. – So proud of you girl @nina_alpha_fit 🥰 – – 💞January challenge sign ups now open! Link in my bio @laurensimpson 👊🏼

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Tässä kuva ja video Lauren Simpsonista.

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Body update – been dieting down for shoots next week, training to get strong AF while still LIVING MY BEST LIFE. 💞 – This weekend is also half way check in for my @laurensimpsonfitness Fierce challenge girls! Only 3 weeks in + damn I’ve seen some amazing progress coming through for it! Make sure you submit your photos babes!👊🏼 – Nutrition: I don’t track my calories but I estimate I’d be on around 1600-1700 during the week and then one day of approx 2300+ on weekends. Eating lower calorie during the week to then have a bigger ‘calorie budget’ on weekends is a method of calorie cycling – I think of my total calories for the week. Please keep in mind this is me dieting down. It’s just a short period of time so I’ll call this a ‘mini cut’ for me as yes my calories are low for me. – 5-6 weights sessions per week. 2x 30 min cardio (usually stairmaster). Average 15k steps per day thanks to @_rockythewolf_ 🐺 – – 💞⚡️Working on yourself for yourself will forever be your biggest contributor for your greatest success.💞⚡️

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