Tämä nainen on kuin veistos – katso upeat kuvat!

Aivan huikeaa kauneutta kaikin puolin!

Australialainen fitnesstähti Lauren Simpson on menestynyt erinomaisesti fitness-kisoissa ja on voittanut myös bikini fitness -maailmanmestaruuden.

Mallintöiden ja kisaamisen lisäksi Simpson auttaa nettivalmennuksen kautta ihmisiä treenien ja ruokavalioiden kanssa.

Simpson näyttää olevan jatkuvasti huippukunnossa ja tarjoileekin tiuhaan tahtiin upeita kuvia yli 1,6 miljoonalle Instagram-seuraajalleen.

Katso alta Lauren Simpsonin tyylikkäitä kuvia, joissa hänen veistosmainen kauneutensa korostuu.

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Clearing up some of the biggest health & fitness myths out there: 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 – 🔻Intermittent fasting is not superior for fat loss. 🔻Keto does not lead to more fat burning. 🔻Fasted cardio is not superior to fed cardio. 🔻Sugar doesn’t make you fat. 🔻Artifical sweeteners are not the enemy. 🔻Carbs at night don’t make you gain weight. 🔻You don’t have to eat smaller meals more frequently to boost your metabolism. 🔻Breakfast is not the most important meal of the day. 🔻You don’t have to do a ‘detox’ to ‘cleanse’ your body. 🔻You don’t have to wear a waist trainer to get a small waist. 🔻You don’t have to butt squeeze at the top of a squat. 🔻1000 sit ups is not the secret to abs. 🔻Weight training does not make you big and bulky (unless you try really really fukn hard for it to). 🔻You don’t have to be sore after a workout for it to be effective. – – Yes I know there is a whole lot of confusing information out there. The fitness industry is often very ‘extreme’ – things are either ‘good or bad’…’healthy or unhealthy’. Remember – when it comes to fat loss not one food is magic or ‘best’…just like one food is not ‘bad’ or makes you fat. The excess calories in your day make you fat. Stop obsessing over small details when it’s the overall energy balance (calories in VS calories out) that dictates your body composition results. – Hope this post helped ♥️ Happy weekend! – 📸 @harrylhgfx

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